Our new partnership with European NGO – Wise.travel

Are you thinking of beating the winter blues and heading for a sunnier climate?

Then we have some exciting news for you. We are now partnered with Fundatia Alaturi De Voi Romania, a responsible consumption project and European NGO. Where every time a holiday is booked, and our charity is nominated a donation with go towards our mission to fight hunger and tackle food waste.

Fundatia Alaturi De Voi Romania have been active in the social business sector for over 16 years and understand the struggles each one of us faces to reach sustainability. Two years ago, the foundation started a new project, WISE.travel, and long story short, they work with the biggest travel wholesalers in the world to provide accommodation, car rentals and various activities in over 185 countries.

The difference is, each traveller picks his favourite charity on registration and WISE travel donates a large part of the profit to the non-profit organisation. In addition, it promotes social businesses so travellers can help more.

Their plans for the future:

  • to develop 360 degrees and virtual reality travel experiences/therapy to children affected by poverty and other social issues; Content used will also be coming from WISE members worldwide;
  • to develop a superior crowdfunding platform for NGOs worldwide;
  • to integrate and develop a network of Work Integration Social EWISE members could choose to visit/work with these WISEs while traveling;
  • to provide free travel experiences to people with disabilities and suffering from other social issues;
  • to develop a hotel database for disabled people, by providing certificates in the accommodation sector, thus improving our customer experience for disabled members.


They want to provide travellers with social alternatives, therefore every time you buy anything from over our 240.000 travel and tourist services, they’ll give 4% to your nominated charity.

Why not make a difference whilst enjoying your well-earned break!

You can support our cause by registering here: https://wise.travel…/deta…/a3120fab4526636bb49baf29aa0b1a35