Volunteer to Employee – Steve’s story

Steve Moore has been volunteering with us since 2016 and is one of over 100 volunteers who give up their time on a regular basis to help us redistribute surplus nutritious food to where it’s most needed across Sussex and Surrey.

Our charitable projects not only offer food to their service clients but give support through advice on health care, family support and helping get people back into the work place through volunteering. The latter is how Steve found his way to becoming one of our amazing and valued volunteer Food Heroes.

Our volunteer programme supports a range of roles supporting volunteers to gain skills and confidence to help them develop. In the last 6 months we have supported 2 volunteers gained forklift training and 8 volunteers completed online food safety and hygiene training.

These opportunities are available to all of our volunteers and each year many of them go on to secure employment. Therefore, when one of our volunteer food heroes secures a full time position we see how beneficial our programme has become.

Steve has now successfully landed a job driving for us and supporting our warehouse operation.

We sat down with him to find out why he loves being part of FareShare Sussex team. Well done Steve!

How did you get involved with FareShare Sussex?

“I had been getting my food from Hangleton Food Bank and other local food banks for over a year.  It was a low point of not having a stable roof over your head, for my daughter that was four at the time.  I couldn’t afford the food, didn’t have the money to buy the food and only just had the money to get her to and from school.”

“After a year or so of relying on food banks and places to help support me I wanted to help support other people that were in that position.”

Describe your volunteering experience at FareShare Sussex?

“FareShare’s helped me interact with charities and other people. It has surprised me the way it makes me feel.  I didn’t think I’d feel happy about doing this sort of volunteering work.”


You can watch his interview on BBC South East here.